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In need of money to kickstart his career, an underprepared all-american frat boy enlists in a high brow international male pageant, bringing his brother along for the ride as he tests his limits competing against the most refined men in the world.

Written by Walker Barnes + Kemma Filby

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Wanted by the feds, a rebellious babysitter goes on the run with her ragtag kids and their nerdy older brother as they uncover the government's extraterrestrial secrets, raise an alien baby and confront her unearthly past. An adventure comedy about learning who you are and where you belong. 

Written by Kemma Filby and Walker Barnes

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When a violent takedown of Queen Bee, Lucy, launches a high school basketball team into anarchy, underdog Bridget must regain control or risk losing college scholarships…. or maybe even her life. Bodies drop like flies in this Julius Caesar adaptation resulting in a total blood bath, jail time,

and a new social hierarchy.

Heathers meets Hoosiers.

Written by Kemma Filby, and

Kemma Filby + Madelyn Claire Lego




Seasick Studio’s premiere TV production.

PARALLEL is a ½ hour single-cam ensemble comedy that

asks the question “What would you do if you could

change one moment in your life?”

Following the ill-fated time travel adventures of

20-something politician, Marnie Gutierriez,

PARALLEL touches on themes of fate, free-will, causality,

and the monumental gravity of eating a muffin.

PARALLEL wrapped production in October 2022.

Created by: Kemma Filby

Executive Producers: Kemma Filby, Walker Barnes
Produced by: Madelyn Claire Lego, Ryan Perry, Liana Montemayor, Sabrina Robinson

Cast: Alli Roberti, Samba Schutte, Isabella Ward, Gary Anthony Williams, Walker Barnes, Kemma Filby, Erika-Rose, Tara Strong



A comedy musical about the daily hustle of Hollywood's unsung heroes, Agency Assistants, and their fight for their dreams, better working conditions, or even just a $2 raise (no worries if not though!)

Book: Kemma Filby

Music and Lyrics: Steven Schmidt

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Keen is a podcast hosted by Walker Barnes with an aim to observe, philosophize and ultimately cultivate a genuine holistic celebration of the people on this big blue marble. It offers a vulnerable and intimate look at this beautiful mess that we call life through meaningful and real conversations with artists, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. What is it about these makers, shapers, and creators that makes them different and what similarities do they share? Keen promotes an infection and fun loving energy. 
Streaming on all platforms

Hosted by Walker Barnes




This is Your Fire is an illustrated book that is being worked on by Walker Barnes and Digital Artist/Graphic Novel Author & Illustrator,

Ethan Schneier on the importance of self-discovery and self-growth. The story brings to life and celebrates the trials and tribulations we must go through to preserve out spirit.

Written by Walker Barnes & Ethan Schneier